Thursday, February 24, 2011

CD Review: Sara Banleigh's 'The Folk EP'

The Folk EP

The folk music of England, Scotland and Ireland serves as the focus of Brooklynite, Sara Banleigh, on her latest release, The Folk EP. However, only five songs are contained on the album with little in the way of musical accompaniment, except for the piano, violin, guitar, and viola. The absence of electronic arrangements and influences were not utilized, due to the authentic and historical translation and performance of the original tunes inherent in true folk music. The Irish folk tune, "Fhear A Bhata" (The Boatman), is a completely vocal tune without any instrumentation. The vocal beginning of the somber "Railroad Boy" quickly delves into a piano and violin medley with a sincere and emotive voice only Sara can emit with suave and elegance. The running length of twenty-five minutes may be a little short for most listeners, but the music is raw, honest, and historical. Anyone with an interest in the folk music of Western Europe, British Isles, Ireland, and beyond, will enjoy it in earnest. ~ Matthew Forss

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