Sunday, March 6, 2011

CD Review: David Gilden's 'Ancestral Voices'

Ancestral Voices
Gilden's Music

Ancestral Voices is David Gilden's 1990 reissue of West African and Indian world fusion songs. As a producer, composer, and musician, David's instrument of choice is the kora, along with all of the electronic arrangments, piano and gongs. Despite the twenty-year lapse, Ancestral Voices remains timeless...almost futuristic. The electronic accompaniments are not abusive; rather they are subtle, precise, and produced with utmost care and direction. David is joined by a handful of talented musicians, including the great Bansuri flute master, Steve Gorn, and others on fretless bass, tamboura, tablas, shaker, shakers, congas, talking drums, and bones...yes, bones. The contemplative music is relaxing, enjoyable, and at times, awe-inspiring. The mix of electronic washes, ambient noises, ethnic percussion, and kora sounds make Ancestral Voices a pivotal recording in North American kora music. Not one track is weak. Furthermore, the music is entirely void of vocals, which allow the instrumental accompaniment to shine through. Over 67-minutes of music rounds out the listening experience. ~ Matthew Forss

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