Thursday, March 24, 2011

CD Review: Melanie Guay's 'Palais D'Helium'

Palais D'Helium

The Quebec-based Melanie Guay is a singer of sweet, melodic French-lyric songs. The lilting tunes are evocative of many French singers that came before her, including Patricia Kaas, Francoise Hardy, and Carla Bruni. A more modern-focused folk and pop set of songs makes Palais D'Helium (Palace of Helium) float high above her nearest competition. The catchy "De Quoi Je Suis Faite," the laid-back "Les Promesses" and "Palais D'Helium," the breathy "Pepite D'Ame," and the crystalline opener "Les Grandes Esperances" showcase her vocal talents in slightly different settings. The sweet vocals and modern arrangements propel Melanie into another realm of talent previously unattained by similar artists. All of the music is created with synths, piano, bass, guitars, clarinet, violin, percussion, and beatbox. Palais D'Helium is a lyrical playground of musical fun that is sure to enthrall all who love Quebecoise music or French pop music. The music rising to the occasion with every note and, as an added bonus, the cover photo is particularly eye-catching, too. ~ Matthew Forss

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