Thursday, March 10, 2011

CD Review: Jadid Ensemble's 'Sigh of The Moor'

Sigh of The Moor
Whirling Eye Studios

From the opening call to prayer and the Arab-Flamenco rhythms infused with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern melodies, it does not take long to realize the impressive debut by Glenn Sharp and his Jadid Ensemble. Based in the UK, the Jadid Ensemble is composed of Glenn on guitars, cumbus, saz, bass, piano, vocals, assorted percussion, and oud; Olivia Moore on violin; Paul Cheneour on flutes, ney, mizmar; Adam Warne on riq, darbuka, and frame drums. The flamenco guitar style on "Ilm" is as meditative as it is transportive. The percussion and violin accompaniment provide an Andalusian experience. The sub-two-minute "Vandal" has a haunting melody with mizmar, percussion, and the sounds of a busy bazaar or marketplace. The equally short "The Storyteller" is an interlude out of Central Asia. Haunting, choral-type vocals are fitting on the final tune, "Ascension." The rest of the songs do not include any singing. In effect, the music is transcendent, otherworldly, and intuitive. For fans of Andalusian, Mediterranean, Central Asian, flamenco, world fusion, or Middle Eastern music in general, will find the Jadid Ensemble more than a little entertaining. ~ Matthew Forss

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