Thursday, March 10, 2011

CD Review: Katja Cruz Y Los Aires' 'Mi Corazon'

Mi Corazon

The Argentinian, Katja Cruz, opens up her heart on Mi Corazon (My Heart) with eight original compositions and three tunes attributed to Argentinians Astor Piazzolla, Anibal Troilo, and a Chilean, Violeta Parra. All of the compositions are inspired by the Candomble musical tradition of orishas, or saints. Taken from an Afro-Latin perspective, Katja's songs are Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean, Portuguese, and inherently Latin-American. The tender vocals, sweeping percussion, and jazzy melodies are timeless and unforgettable. As a vocalist, Katja captures your attention from the first few stanzas on any song. "No se que pasa" is a breezy little tune with light percussion, aerophones, and a splash of rhythmic color from south of the border. Mi Corazon is heartfelt, honest, cheery, relaxing, and serene. Anyone with an interest in Afro-Latin, Argentinian, South American, Candomble, or tango music should acquire Katja's latest release while you still can. ~ Matthew Forss

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