Thursday, March 10, 2011

CD Review: Shane Endsley and The Music Band's 'Then The Other'

Shane Endsley and The Music Band
Then The Other
Low Electrical Records
The composer and trumpeter, Shane Endsley, is backed with a three-piece band playing improvisational jazz idoms. Shane is joined by Craig Taborn on piano; Matt Brewer on bass; and Ted Poor on drums. The quartet creates rousing pieces of music for the jazz club, lounge, Friday evenings of unwinding, and other necessary occasions and locations. The piano shimmers with light as the accompanying instruments fill in various voids and rise to the occasion from time to time with seemingly little effort. On the surface, Then The Other may appear to be another jazz album, but that may be misleading and an unwarranted observation. The title alone suggests something else may be involved. In this case, it is the classic tunes of the big band era, or the Brazilian jazz clubs, or the invention of another influence or person. Whatever the case might be, Then The Other is a pivotal, instrumental jazz release from the Brooklyn-based quartet. ~ Matthew Forss

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