Thursday, March 24, 2011

CD Review: Imaz' Elia's 'Myrmika Fabuletti'

Myrmika Fabuletti

Imaz' Elia is an interesting group representing a variety of musical traditions spanning the Mediterranean, Balkans, Andalusia, Transylvania, and adjacent areas. The songs are sung in Spanish, Serbian, French, and Yiddish with English translations in the liner notes. Interestingly, the album's title is taken from a fictitious country of Myrmika Fabuletti where nomadic cultures are mixed together into a giant cauldron assembled by alchemists. In effect, the diverse musical sounds Imaz' Elia incorporates stems from this nomadic model. Nearly fifty minutes of music and twelve tracks showcase the scary, inspiring, and melodic music of various regions. The group is comprised of Laetitia David, Aurelien Le Bihan, Julien Cretin, Raphael Bayle, Mourad Baitiche, Florent Hermet, and Rabah Hamrene. A variety of edgy percussion, sweet accordion, guitar, saz, bouzouki, mandolin, and sound effects create a fascinating musical experience. Whether it is called gypsy, Klezmer, Balkan, folk, pop, or avant-garde, Myrmika Fabuletti is a transcultural experience worthy of a listen. ~ Matthew Forss

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