Thursday, March 24, 2011

CD Review: Joseph Tawadros' 'The Hour of Separation'

The Hour of Separation

Joesph Tawadros is an Egyptian-born oud player and a resident of Australia with James Tawadros on req and bendir. His latest album is number seven in a handful of recordings with an improvisational, jazz, or world beat background. Joseph is joined by three other musicians from America, including John Abercrombie on electric guitar, John Patitucci on double bass, and Jack Dejohnette on drums. The fifteen, instrumental tracks are fairly reserved and not too energetic; except for Track 4. However, the album is nearly seventy-eight minutes long, which provides the listener with a satsifying musical experience. The crystalline sounds of the oud are a perfect match for the drums, guitar, and assorted percussion. Fans of Middle Eastern, North African, jazz, percussion, and instrumental world music should find The Hour of Separation a worthy addition to your music library. ~ Matthew Forss

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