Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CD Review: Ireland's Lazik

Far Fetched

The Ireland-based group, Lazik, is a production of traditional music tunes from Ireland, Scandinavia, Balkan, and Gypsy areas of Europe. The album opens with a lively Bulgarian tune, "Gankino Horo." Vocalist Tatiana Sabinska lends her voice to another Bulgarian tune, "Katerino Mome." A number of other instrumental tunes from Sweden, Norway, Romania, Greece, and France round out the album. "Waves of Rush" is a striking fiddle tune from Romania. The Yiddish-tinged "Di Zaposhkelekh" is a vocal and instrumental love-song inspired by a door handle. The giddy "Opa Cupa" is a Hungarian or Balkan tune with vocals. The mostly instrumental nature of the songs provides a fun and inventive opportunity to dance with a partner or go solo. The group's primary repertoire comes from the Irish guitar skills of Barry O'Donovan; the French flute maestro and vocalist, Christelle Moisan; Stella Rodrigues' Dutch violin playing, and Dylan Gully as the founder of Lazik and Txutxukan. Far Fetched is an album with all of the instrumental and vocal fixings one can relish. ~ Matthew Forss

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