Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: Annlaug's 'November'


Annlaug's Norwegain roots shine through on her latest release from Scandinavia's fiddle country. However, the songs feature not only strings, but guitars, shruti box, accordion, banjo, ukulele, and percussion. Recorded in Scotland, Annlaug explores the music of not only Norway, but the British Isles as well. The guitars and percussion add a lively touch to the music. This is not simple violin or fiddle music with a solo voice. Instead, Annlaug's rich, musical arrangements retain a sense of roots and tradition, while concomitantly surging forward into the modern world with a slightly experimental and pop feel thrown in (though, not haphazardly). Annlaug's Norwegian song titles are translated into English in the liner notes. Also, English song lyrics are provided in the liner notes. November retains the sound quality of Faroe Islands' Valravn and the quirkiness of Denmark's Sorten Muld wrapped up in the arrangements of Heidi Talbot or Karine Polwart. Clearly, Annlaug knows how to create catchy, engaging, and vivid pieces of musical magic. ~ Matthew Forss   

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