Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: John Matarazzo of Logical Drift

Logical Drift
Logical Drift

Famous music writer, producer, composer, and performer, John Matarazzo, creates an aural atmosphere gleaming with ambiance, contemplative melodies, and cinematic percussion. With the help of Logan Strand, an accomplished producer and engineer for acts like the late-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Herbie Hancock, and Bill Laswell, adds a touch of engineering and electronic sampling to the musical mix with fine results. The instrumental compositions are inspired by the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. The electronic washes, blurbs, and blips add a contemporary feel to the music. Track titles such as "Judean Desert," "Rain Queen of the Negev," and "Dead Sea Dawn" reflect the fascination with this particular region. However, the music is not folk, traditional, or rock. Instead, the music is light, new age, and electronic with wonderful sounds indicative of Tangerine Dream's earlier work. Nevertheless, Logical Drift is a logical choice for fans of new age, atmospheric, and instrumental works. ~ Matthew Forss

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