Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CD Review: Gabriel Palatchi Band's 'Diario de Viaje'

Gabriel Palatchi Band
Diario de Viaje

Argentinian-born and Canadian-based, Gabriel Palatchi and his band of Latin-jazz connoisseurs create engaging and fresh songs on trumpet, flute, keyboard, piano, drums, assorted percussion, bass, and even vocals. Gabriel incorporates lively tones and rhythms that are well-suited for the Afro-Cuban, Latin-jazz, and South American aficionado. The classical melodies echo back to the spy-thriller soundtracks of the 1970s or 80s throughout South America, USA, and even Bollywood. The slightly funkadelic tunes--notably, "Electroshock," "Raices," and "Chilangotango"--transcend musical boundaries and eras with catchy, musical numbers fun for the whole family. The mostly instrumental tunes are great for relaxing, dancing, and contemplating the meaning of Latin-jazz in a modern context. Importantly, a sense of musical realism and creative authenticism cuts across genres, generations, and geographic locales. The creative spirit of Gabriel's band makes Diario de Viaje (Travel Diary) well worth the journey down to your locale music store or online retailer. ~ Matthew Forss

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