Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: Navarra's 'Nya Fonster'

Nya Fonster
Kakafon Records

Hailing from Sweden, Navarra tempts the soul into dancing, humming, and dreaming of happy times as the percussion, fiddles, and vocals beckon the listener to lean in closer and participate. The twelve tracks are in Swedish in the liner notes. The piano rhythms and assorted percussion provide a cheery atmosphere and nostalgic examination of Scandinavia's folk-roots phenomenon. The tender and sweet vocals and varied playing styles throughout provide the listener with a quality recording of music from the land of Triakel, Garmarna, and Gjallarhorn. In this case, Navarra contains more experimental folk rhythms with a hint of jazz and lounge music that is not really prevalent from other comparable groups in Scandinavia. Nya Fonster, or New Windows, is a very delightful recording to be enjoyed by everyone seeking good music. ~ Matthew Forss

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