Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: Damjan Krajacic's 'Glide'

Damjan Krajacic
RoundTone Records

Zagreb-born and L.A.-based, Damjan Krajacic knows how to play the flute and create wonderful Afro-Cuban rumba, Latin-jazz, and nostalgic, downtempo lounge music. Damjan's vocals and flute are accompanied by piano, fender rhodes, congas, bass, drums, and assorted percussion. However, a majority of the music is instrumental. The fluttering flute melodies, spicy percussion, and punchy piano sounds make Glide stand out from the crowd. You will hear sounds from Cuba, Brazil, Caribbean, and America. If you are interested in jazz, samba, Latin music, and rumba styles thrown into an experimental mix of aural colors, then Glide is right for you. Perhaps the only musical element indicative of Damjan's Croatian past is the piano. The jazzy nuances and tender melodies are ideal for fans of jazz and world music. Let Damjan take you on a journey where you glide effortlessly through the musical styles created by his mind and body. ~ Matthew Forss

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