Thursday, October 27, 2011

CD Review: Atongo Zimba's 'Sankune Sounds'

Atongo Zimba
Sankune Sounds
Sankune Sounds

Atongo Zimba is from Ghana, but based in the U.K. Sankune Sounds highlights Atongo's talented vocal and instrumental skills. For instance, Atongo is a master of the molo--a two-stringed lute common throughout the Sahara. Though Ghana is known for highlife music, Atongo creates a music that is rhythmic, powerful, and sweet that does possess funk, jazz, and highlife qualities. On "Sela woo san boma tanna bia" the vocals sound similar to Zimbabwe's Oliver Mtukudzi. Atongo is joined by rhythmic guitar, flute, gombe bass drum, backing vocals, and assorted percussion that livens the Ghanaian musical spirit immensely. The lo-frill recording is perfect for those palm wine parties and relaxing by the beach. It is equally enjoyable in front of a fireplace or a den. Atongo is a talented singer and performer that creates music as easily as one breathes. ~ Matthew Forss

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