Sunday, August 4, 2013

CD Review: Abou Diarra's 'Sabou'

Abou Diarra
Mix N' Metisse

A talented n'goni or kora player from Mali, Abou Diarra brings a funky and bluesy element to contemporary Malian music. Each song is delicate and contains weaving song structures with traditional instrumentation and modern embellishments that will satisfy even the most picky Sahelian music connoisseur. The music celebrates Bambara life and society, which is diverse, varied, and historic. There are eleven long tracks that entice and entrance the listener with such grace and tranquility that it is difficult to turn it off. "Sabou," "Aboubono," "Blablabla," "Noumou," and "N'dogoni" are some of the recommended tracks. Fans of contemporary Malian music with the kamala n'goni or kora instrument as the focal point, along with vocals, will love Abou Diarra's latest release. Buy it today! ~ Matthew Forss 

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