Sunday, August 25, 2013

CD Review: Newpoli's 'Tempo Antico'

Tempo Antico

Founded by members that studied jazz at the Berklee College of Music, Newpoli create a folksy form of traditional Italian music with classical instruments, jazzy tunes, and spritely vocal calisthenics. The brisky vocal medleys are akin to the same vocal acrobatics of Finland's Varttina. Many of the songs have historical roots dating back to the fifteen-hundreds, while some originate from the early nineteen-hundreds. The instrumentation is full of classical flavors and medieval minstrelsy. There are thirteen tunes that represent vocal music traditions of operatic and folksy proportions. The giddy instrumentation, bright vocal deliveries, and diverse percussion represent a solid repertoire that is unforgettable. The female vocals are emotive and lively. Tempo Antico is a Mediterranean pleasure with medieval origins and academic backing. ~ Matthew Forss

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