Sunday, August 25, 2013

CD Review: Jacob Bain & The Publish Quest's 'Then What!?'

Jacob Bain & The Publish Quest
Then What!?

The Seattle-based band, Jacob Bain & The Publish Quest, incorporates a plethora of Afro-beat elements and folk/rock/alternative leanings. There are rap vocals on "Gotta Keep Movin!" and "I Believe People Can Change." Femi Kuti lends some vocals on the title track, "Then What!?." There are great guitar jams here with some jazz, fusion, and rock influences. However, the entire album is relatively light overall. For instance, the rap vocals are not particularly hard or difficult to understand. A mix of instrumentation provides an enjoyable listening experience, even though there are some rap vocals. You will hear congas, trumpet, acoustic guitar, viola, violin, bass, tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax, keyboards, electric guitar, and classical guitar. The Dave Matthews Band comes to mind at times. "Then What!?," "Gotta Keep Movin!," "The Wall," and "When It Comes" are recommended tracks. There is an urban element to the abovementioned tracks, but there is plenty of room for alternative pop and fusion. Whatever it is called, Then What!? is something that everyone should possess and play. ~ Matthew Forss

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