Sunday, August 25, 2013

CD Review: Adham Shaikh's 'Resonance'

Adham Shaikh
Black Swan Records

The atmospheric, down-tempo, and new age incarnations and creations of Adham Shaikh are dreamy, provocative, and futuristic. The light melodies are definitively atmospheric with shimmering 'resonance' and fluid, ambient nuances. There are various mixes on the album, but all of the songs are different and unique. The songs are peaceful, hopeful, and cinematic with long, drifting, aural soundscapes. There are some piano melodies that are pensive, yet not too intrusive. These are selected works from feature films, including Firecelight, EarthPilgrim, Yoga For Cancer Survivors, Secrets, Word Love, and The Sinixt: Bringing Home The Bones. Anyone seeking a cinematic vein of down-tempo or atmospheric music will love Adham Shaikh's instrumental pleasures. Thirteen tracks round out the album. This is perfect for the down-tempo, atmospheric, cinematic, new age, ambient, and improvisational music fan. ~ Matthew Forss

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