Friday, August 2, 2013

CD Review: Mara Measor's Self-Titled Debut

Mara Measor
Good Mood Records

A Hong Kong native and current New York resident, Mara Measor, brings a cultured and flavoured mix of alternative pop and jazz with her debut album out this month. Mara is a vocalist, guitarist, and ukulele player. The English vocals are akin to the soft-spoken and soulful Leona Naess, while capturing the charm of Regina Spektor. Mara is joined by Jamie Lawrence on keyboards, cello, harmonium, slide guitars, drums, and assorted percussion. There are additional musicians on strings and guitars. Overall, the melodies and rhythms are rather intimate and sweet without much of a big sound or abrasive pounding, which is great. The repeated sounds and lines are indicative of Katie Melua's recent works. There are twelve diverse songs that are memorable and infectious. Anyone interested in meaningful music and sincere, sweet vocals should check out Mara's new release. Simply amazing. ~ Matthew Forss

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