Sunday, August 25, 2013

CD Review: Pablo Ziegler & Metropole Orkest's 'Amsterdam Meets New Tango'

Pablo Ziegler & Metropole Orkest
Amsterdam Meets New Tango

A contemporary in the world of Argentinian music, Pablo Ziegler melds tango music, classical, and folk traditions with music from The Netherlands--thanks to Metropole Orkest. Pablo is a talented pianist that includes luminaries, such as Quique Sinesi on guitar, Walther Castro on bandoneon, and percussionist, Quintino Cinalli. The instrumental ensemble is backed with the talented orchestrations and classical-themed medleys of Metropole Orkest. There are nine long tracks that shimmer with fiery jazz-lines, cinematic washes of symphonic beauty, and edgy melodies that inspire and entertain. There are slower jazz melodies and rhythms, along with more energetic displays of musicianship that is anything but boring. The lively bandoneon and emotive strings are classic, yet modern. Anyone looking for new tango music with a jazzy, classical, and symphonic edge, then Amsterdam Meets New Tango is highly recommended. ~ Matthew Forss

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