Sunday, August 4, 2013

CD Review: Marya Stark's 'The Garden'

Marya Stark
The Garden

The sweet and melodic songs of Marya Stark are steeped in classicism, theatre, avant-garde, alternative pop, and new age concoctions. Marya's vocals are rather soothing with some influence from Sheila Chandra, Squonk Opera, and Katie Melua. There are symphonic arrangements that incorporate cello, bass, viola, tabla, bansuri, sax, violin, accordion, clarinet, and keyboards. The music is not in one specific genre, but it seems to ebb-and-flow through a variety of genres, which arrive in a cohesive, swirling, and addictive form of musical expression. Thirteen songs represent the breadth of The Garden. Borrowing some down-tempo arrangements and vocals indicative of Alpha, Marya still retains a sense of personality that is quite unique and refreshing. In essence, Marya knows how to create evocative tunes and compelling melodies that are unforgettable. Anyone into world fusion, new age, neo-classical, and theatrical music will adore Marya Stark's new release, The Garden. Great music begins in The Garden. ~ Matthew Forss

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