Friday, August 23, 2013

CD Review: The Great American Robber Barons' 'Reno Nevada And Other Songs Of Gambling, Vice, And Betrayal'

The Great American Robber Barons
Reno Nevada And Other Songs Of Gambling, Vice, And Betrayal
3:05 AM Music And Film

The alternative guitar stylings and psychedelic rock concoctions of The Great American Robber Barons are incredibly infectious, energetic, and classic. The vocal interplay between Keith Dion's lower vocal register and Diana Mangano's higher vocal calisthenics lend a classic touch to the new album. There are sixteen tunes in all, which are all diverse and never boring or flat. The melancholic "Nowhere Left To Go" is a completely instrumental tune with light guitar sounds and no percussion. Keith and Diana join together for "Cemetery," "At The Hands Of The Robber Barons," "Hoo Hoo Man," "Last Tango In Ponsonby," and a few others. The drifting guitar rhythms and great vocals conjure up the classic American folk and rock sounds of the 1970's. Importantly, the music tends to utilize the acoustic guitar sounds over full-blown electric guitar. At any rate, the classy vocals, melodies, and guitar sounds are cohesive, infectious, and memorable. Highly recommended. ~ Matthew Forss  

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