Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CD Review: Chico Trujillo's 'Reina De Todas Las Fiestas'

Chico Trujillo
Reina De Todas Las Fiestas
Barbes Records

Chilean cumbia, pop, and rock maestros, Chico Trujillo, bring out the inner dance in all of us when the percussion, guitars, horns, and vocals come out on their latest release, Reina De Todas Las Fiestas, which roughly translates to 'Queen Of All Feasts.' Well, feast your ears on these guys. There are some great South American rhythms here, such as the uppity "Alturas" with pan flute type sounds and steady percussion and a great beat. "Chatito" is another great tune with bouncy bass, heavy percussion, and a playful melody with loads of horn sounds and keyboard sounds. There are nine tracks, which span the gamut from Latin jazz, cumbia, pop, rock, Latin beat, South American pop, and neo-soul wanderings. Chico Trujillo brings out the best in cumbia beats. ~ Matthew Forss

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