Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CD Review: Desert Dwellers' 'The Great Mystery'

Desert Dwellers
The Great Mystery
Black Swan Sounds

Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe are Desert Dwellers that bring out the best in world rhythms, dance, electronica, chill, and down-tempo. The California duo amass an onslaught of atmospheric blurbs, washes, and arrangements that combine with world rhythms, voices, and styles that create a stellar musical result. There are some dance-worthy tunes here, but a lot of world percussion in parts keeps everything rather chilled. The upbeat, electronic sounds and beats creates a moving thriller or suspense film result that could be used on a film. Also, the music is relaxed enough in some places that allows it to work just as well in a down-tempo or lounge format ideal for relaxing, studying, or related activities. The ten tracks provide a diverse selection of tunes, sounds, and emotions that will satisfy everyone's inner psyche. The Great Mystery is not so mysterious, but it challenges the mind, body, and spirit with delectable sounds that nourish the soul. ~ Matthew Forss

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