Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CD Review: Tina Malia's 'Bridge To Vallabha'

Tina Malia
Bridge To Vallabha

Tina Malia discovered the great mantras of South Indian devotional music just before working with Jai Uttal's Pagan Love Orchestra. Falling in love with Sanskrit mantras, Tina has released four previous albums covering different aspects of mantra music. The latest offering, Bridge To Vallabha, contains a host of vocalists, including Karnamrita Dasi, Peia, Donna DeLory, Heather Wertheimer, Jai-Jagdeesh, Sasha Rose, Al Torre, and a few others. In addition, Tina is not only a vocalist, but a skilled musician on various guitars, Rhodes, synths, vibraphone, charangon, and percussion. The rather symphonic, spacious, and awe-inspiring songs bring in cello, sarangi, lap steel, bass, tabla, piano, and shaker for a more textured result. The music is not as dance or urban-oriented as Wah! or Donna DeLory, but the end result is still impressive. There are mostly Sanskrit chants throughout, but a nod to Hebrew and Native American influences are present on two separate tracks. At any rate, Tina's vocals are atmospheric, light, and brilliant--all in the same breath. ~ Matthew Forss

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