Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CD Review: Jeff Oster's 'next'

Jeff Oster
Retso Records

Jeff' Oster is a very accomplished and revered trumpet and flugelhorn player. On next, which is purposefully-lower-cased, Jeff presents us with twelve unique gifts--gifts of music where each track is new and delightfully-inviting. The instrumental album contains a few spoken word lines, but that is it. The music is very relaxing, jazz-centered, and new age brilliant. In some cases, the percussive beat incorporates horns, guitars, piano, and other instruments. The title track, "Next," is a great introduction to the album with a rousing beat, swishy percussion, a jazzy vein, and sultry horn punctuated with crystal, clear keyboard tones. "Night Train To Sofia" begins with a sultry beat, atmospheric washes, horn accompaniment, and background voices that fill the instrumental track with Bulgarian-inspired choral vocals. "Half A Cookie" opens with atmospheric sounds, jazzy horns, light percussion, and a steady, new age beat with bright piano infusions and spacious soundscapes. "Heroes" is a triumphant horn tune with upbeat percussion in true Oster-fashion. All in all, Jeff brings in a talented group of musicians, producers, and talents, including Nile Rodgers, Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Tony Levin, Michael Manring, Will Ackerman, Todd Boston, Shambhu, Carl Weingarten, Philip Aaberg, Catherine Marie Charlton, Ricky Kej, Bob Ludwig, Tom Eaton, and everyone at the great Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, USA. Fans of new age, jazz, instrumental, lounge, and atmospheric music will love it. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss

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