Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CD Review: The Expanders' 'Hustling Culture'

The Expanders
Hustling Culture
Easy Star Records

Hailing from California with a sound from Jamaica, The Expanders expand their horizons (and ours!) with their new reggae-infused, Hustling Culture. The roots-influenced, rock and reggae beats grace all the tracks on this urban and contemporary-inspired release. The deep bass beats and syncopation are iconic in reggae music from Jamaica and contemporary reggae music from around the world. A dozen tunes of reggae bliss blast from the album with soothing beats, diverse percussion, and great vocals that do not miss a step. The upbeat and catchy ballad, "Piece Of Love," is a reggae anthem worthy of global praise and multiple listens. The laid-back, syncopated beats of "People Business" showcases a lighter side of reggae. Overall, The Expanders are very talented and do not have trouble creating beautiful songs that will stand the test of time. ~ Matthew Forss

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