Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CD Review: Elida Almeida's 'Ora Doci Ora Marcos'

Elida Almeida
Ora Doci Ora Marcos

Elida Almeida's beautiful vocals electrify the music on Ora Doci Ora Marcos. The Cape Verde-native brings us thirteen songs of inner joy for a truly enjoyable journey into the traditional, yet contemporary, music from the islands. There are plenty of acoustic guitars, piano, percussion, bass, and ethnic grooves  that combine Portuguese folk with Afro-Latin rhythms and melodies. The soulful songs are very entertaining and diverse, but always memorable--in a good way. Elida's vocals are timeless and very moving. The vocals are especially outstanding on "Nhu Santiago," "Di Mi Ku Bo," "Mar Sagrado," "Djam Nkrel Pa Mi," and others. The upbeat music of "Txiku Branku" showcases Elida's creative vocals and dance-worthy, Cape Verde-beat elements. Fans of neo-classical, folk, Latin, Portuguese, Cape Verde, Afro-Latin, and island music will love Elida's latest effort. ~ Matthew Forss

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