Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CD Review: Honeybird's 'Out Comes Woman'

Out Comes Woman
Duckhead Green Music

Honeybird incorporates a variety of world, jazz, urban, classical, and pop elements on Out Comes Woman. The fourteen tracks are uniquely-named and equally-enthralling from a musical perspective. Some of the titles include, "TMBLGBT," "Ex-Spearmint," and "Bi Dead Chickens." Some of the vocals are arranged in a scat jazz setting, while others are set in a theatrical or artsy context with whimsical instrumentation and short or fast beats. This is not a power pop album or rock album, for that matter. Instead, it is filled with poignant melodies, diverse vocals, and varied instrumentation arranged in delicate ways. The vocals are often reduced in more of a spoken word or poetic delivery--especially on "Wanted In Wanted Out." At any rate, Honeybird creates some sweet tunes for anyone looking for something different. ~ Matthew Forss

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