Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CD Review: Tipsy Oxcart's 'Upside Down'

Tipsy Oxcart
Upside Down

Balkan music from Brooklyn? Yes, indeed. The instrumental ensemble creates dance-friendly tunes with lively percussion, trumpets, baritone/alto/tenor sax, trombone, accordion, violin, electric bass, and drums. Though, some of the songs are more contemplative and serene, a majority of the tracks are upbeat, edgy, and full of high-energy. "Homecoming" contains a Balkan-beat that is reminiscent of South American cumbia, but in a Balkan form. The frenzied "Tutti Frutti" is a rousing track with blaring horns, bubbly bass, and punchy drum beats throughout. There are eleven tracks in all. With track titles as diverse as "Fax Mission," "Honey Dripper," "Tipska," "Bone Dance," and others, Upside Down will astonish you with their uncanny rhythms and contemporary sounds in pure, Balkan music form. ~ Matthew Forss

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