Monday, July 13, 2015

CD Review: David Correa's 'New Moon'

David Correa
New Moon
BajaTSR Records

David Correa is a very talented Spanish guitar player from California with a knack for flamenco, rumba, and folk song structures over a fifty-minute medley of heavenly sounds in an instrumental arrangement. However, "Tierra Roja" is the only track with vocals, which are provided by David himself. The tunes are not just Spanish guitar tunes--they are complex creations of musical delight backed by a slew of instruments, including bass, palmas, drums, congas, bongo, cajon, darbuka, udu, timbale, violin, and other acoustic guitars. The Spanish guitar is the lead instrument on this album. The melodies ebb-and-flow with a calming influence throughout. The plaintive, yet up-beat musical tone is refreshing and relaxing. Fans of Matthew Montfort and Lawson Rollins will love David Correa's latest venture. ~ Matthew Forss

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