Sunday, January 16, 2011

CD Review: Deva's 'Mantras For Precarious Times'

Mantras For Precarious Times

With a focus on mantras, Deva Premal shares the power of the Vedic scriptures by unleashing physical energies within the body by awakening the energy channels (nadis) within us all. There are 108 nadis that meet in the heart. As a result, each of the seven mantras are chanted 108 times. Besides Deva's soothing voice and tanpura playing, she is joined by Manose on Bansuri flute, Miten on voice, and Kamal on keyboard and bells. The relaxing sounds and moods are a perfect invitation for yoga sessions. Moreover, any kind of de-stressing should involve Deva's mantras. The toll of the bells, airy sounds of the flute, and the Sanskrit lyrics of Deva's inspirational mantras are ideal for any person seeking saneness. The length of the tracks at eight minutes provides just enough time to master the recitations. Anyone interested in New Age, yoga, Buddhist, or chant music will find Mantras For Precarious Times to be an enthralling and informative part of their daily routine. ~ Matthew Forss

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