Thursday, January 27, 2011

CD Review: MC Yogi's 'Elephant Power'

Elephant Power

MC Yogi is a yogi hip hop star in the world of transcendental music today. Elephant Power is a highly melodic hip hop album with various guest musicians, including Bhagavan Das, Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, Rita Sahai, Sharon Gannon, and Sukhawat Ali Khan. MC Yogi's lyrics touch on Eastern philosophy and Buddhist teachings. This is not your typical hip hop album that praises lewd language, violence, and non-sensical lyrics. Surely, MC Yogi is a guiding light and intelligent lyricist with a wise tongue and spiritual presence. MC Yogi is the vocalist and harmonium player on the album. However, a range of instruments are used by others, including the ektar, conch, bells, dotar, bansuri flute, tabla, dholak, guitar, turntables, bass, and drums. Elephant Power is a weighty album of profound stories and catchy melodies in English and Sanskrit. This is perfect for the younger crowd, but older adults will find comfort in the musical message, too. Let MC Yogi tickle your chakras with the hip hop of Hanuman! Also available: Elephant Powered Remixes and Omstrumentals [2 CD]. ~ Matthew Forss

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