Sunday, January 30, 2011

CD Review: Olchey's 'Shuga' From Tuva


Shuga is a Karelian word for "a thin piece of ice at the water's edge". Interestingly, the Tuvan word for 'chuga' is "thin". Consequently, the folk music of Karelia and Tuva meet with glorious results. The throat-singing traditions of Tuva and electronic and natural sounds form the basis of Shuga's message. The music is closely reminiscent of Huun Huur Tu. There are only four songs that only add up to forty-minutes in length. However, the music is so entrancing that time seems to stand still upon first listen. The seemingly avant-garde melodies are a perfect mix for throat-singing and modern percussion and nature sounds. Anyone interested in the contemporary music of Tuva, or Russia's great North will find enjoyment in the songs of Olchey. ~ Matthew Forss

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