Sunday, January 23, 2011

CD Review: Ishumar 2 - Guitar Music From North Africa

Various Artists
Ishumar 2: Nouvelles Guitares Touaregues

Just when you thought you've heard of every North African guitar release, the folks at Reaktion bring us a slew of new recordings from the Sahara, including Ishumar 2. The North African compilation release includes some of the rising blues guitarists and ensembles of today. This album contains twelve different guitar groups, including Ibrahim Djo Experience, Amanar, Tarbiyat, Kel Assouf, Nabil Baly Othmani, Moussa Bilalan Ag Ganta, Tiwitine, Moussa Sidi, Tamkilwate, Atri N'Assouf, and Mouma Bob & Imawalan. The groups hail from Mali, France, Niger, Belgium, Algeria, and Italy. Each track includes lead vocals with some background vocals and female trilling. The sounds of the desert never sounded so good. Anyone with an interest in more internationally-known groups, such as Tartit, Tinariwen, Toumast, Terakaft, and Tamikrest should snap up this album. While you are at it, snap up the other albums and digital downloads from Reaktion. Liner notes in French. ~ Matthew Forss

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