Friday, January 28, 2011

CD Review: Romania's Sanda Weigl

Gypsy In A Tree

The New York-based, Romanian-native, Sanda Weigl, is an innovative avant-garde jazz and gypsy music singer. Her Romanian roots shine through on every track. The music incorporates gypsy music, songs of elegy, dance songs, and songs about love and drinking. Gypsy In A Tree is so-named for the historical reference to wedding singers having to entertain guests out of sight and in a tree. The opening "Intr-O Zi La Poarta Mea" is a catchy, Romanian tune. The slower and more refined "As Ofta Sa-Mi Iasa Focul" is more aligned with jazz than gypsy. Sanda's vocals are joined by piano, accordion, farfisa organ, bass, guitar, percussion, clarinet, and tuba. The album contains diverse melodies and moods that would satisfy even the most discriminating listener. The gorgeous vocals and engaging lyrics make for an impressive release. Any fans of gypsy, Romanian, Balkan, avant-garde, jazz, or South American folk will look to the trees to find Gypsy In A Tree today! ~ Matthew Forss

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