Friday, January 28, 2011

CD Review: Generation Bass Turn It Up With 'Transnational Dubstep'

Various Artists
Transnational Dubstep

Generation Bass, founded by DJ Umb and Vincent Koreman, celebrate the diversity in cultural dubstep music appropriately titled Transnational Dubstep to reflect the cultural elements of the music. Some of the artists include Mars, Alexisk, Sabat Machines, Shem, Midival Punditz, Jajouka Soundsystem, and Celt Islam. The music reflects Indian, South American, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and European influences. The global trends in electronic and dance music have contributed to a growing desire and need to hear the many electronic sounds from all over the globe. The dubstep is primarily an instrumental album with occasional vocals that do not detract from the rhythms, moods, and melodies. The dubstep even contains hints of rock guitar, as in "Clownie", or Balkan/Klezmer rhythms on "Valium Gitan". Transnational Dubstep is definitely for fans of electronic, dubstep, dance, and club music. ~ Matthew Forss

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