Friday, January 28, 2011

CD Review: 'Women We Are: Songs For The Awakening Of Women'

Various Artists
Women We Are: Songs For The Awakening Of Women

Anjali's musical collaborations with Carlos Oliveira, Chandrakanthy Courtney, David Courtney, Didi Ananda Ragamaya, Kamala, Jacquelyn Battise, Nataraj, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Peter Sprague, and Wayne Wilkerson explore the music of kirtan. The songs are most aligned with folk music with female vocals on all tracks. The songs are sung in English, Hindi, and Spanish. The overall sound of Women We Are... certainly touch on Buddhist or Hindu principles, but the celebration of women, whether myth or non-fiction, is the forefront message. There are spoken parts in "Mora Mukta Bhumir Me Ye" and "Jacquelyn's Poem". The progressive overtones of "Whole Mother" is Anjali's motherhood ballad. The spiritual and organic songwriting elements are a staple of Women We Are... Anjali's musical arrangements touch on social issues related to homeschooling, organic food, nature, relationships, and societal ills. The global relevance of philosophical thought and social action are not forgotten on Women We Are... It is tough to not smile with gratitude while listening to the songs. This is a perfect album for folk activists, new age music, and kirtan. ~ Matthew Forss

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