Thursday, January 13, 2011

CD Review: Ghanaian Highlife from San Diego - Akayaa's 'Masoh'


Ghana's musical heritage is performed by San Diego's Akayaa. Born in Ghana's Frafra tribe, Akayaa sings in Fra-Fra and Twi languages. Twelve tracks of Ghanaian highlife are represented on Masoh, which means 'father' in Fra-Fra. Energetic drumming and vocals are staples in West African music. The guitars, percussion, flutes, and vocals present a beautiful scene of happiness and longevity. The joyous music celebrates animals, introductions, arranged marriage, ancestral blessings, lullabies, childhood, and the continent of Africa. The songs are not in English, except for a few words, so a Fra-Fra or Twi dictionary may be necessary. Still, the musical tempos and rhythms transcend any translational barriers. A queen of Ghanaian music and respected teacher of singing, drumming, and dancing, Akayaa brings a unique energy and unwavering devotion to all her music projects. Masoh is a pivotal album of California Ghana music. ~ Matthew Forss

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