Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: Afrolicious' 'Pleasuretime'

ESL Music

With the success of Dub For Mali, Afrolicious attempts to create yet another mesmerizing mix of groovy, dub-laden tracks with a strong African and dance club vein. The result is a jazzy, groove-laden mix of swirling beats and melodies that are perfect for relaxing or dancing. The influences of Africa and the Caribbean are evident with a light dose of dub-n-bass, funk, and electronica. The use of ngoni, trumpet, congas, sax, flute, drums, bass, keyboard, and various programming provides a good instrumental package for the songs. The mostly instrumental tunes only run for about thirty-minutes in length, but the short journey of funky, hip beats are both pleasurable and afrolicious. ~ Matthew Forss

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