Thursday, April 26, 2012

CD Review: Le Vent Du Nord's 'Tromper le temps'

Le Vent Du Nord
Tromper le temps
Borealis Records

Canada's folk group, Le Vent Du Nord, is a classy, folk-fiddling, and foot-stomping group with an uncanny ability to create memorable tracks and timeless memories. Le Vent Du Nord is Simon Beaudry, Nicolas Boulerice, Rejean Brunet, and Olivier Demers. The French-Canadian songsters incorporate a range of instruments, which provide a full, folk feel. The bouzouki, guitar, hurdy gurdy, piano, piano-accordion, bass, diabetic accordion, jaw harp, fiddle, electric guitar, and mandolin round out the instrumental repertoire. The vocals are somewhat aligned with European folk, Celtic, and Scottish melodies and rhythms, which are still uniquely Canadian. Thirteen wonderful tracks highlight the group's charm and energetic, instrumental displays. This is great for clogging, dancing, and relaxing. ~ Matthew Forss

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