Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CD Review: Potir's 'Gothic City' Recreates The Music of The Middle Ages

Gothic City
Sketis Music

Potir is a Russian group composed of Andrey Nazarov, Razana Rustom, Ivan Chernov, and Svetlana Petrova that brings back the music from Europe's Middle Ages with festive dirges, street music, and historic compositions. The music is performed with bassoon, viola, psalter, Bran's citra, dutar, peasant lute, citar, province drum, darbuka, aura, percussion, vocals, flutes, and bagpipes. Some of the instruments are up to three-hundred years old. The one-hour album contains sixteen tracks with instrumental, vocal music, and street music with all the commotion and noise of urban environments--minus the cars and trucks, of course. This is excellent music for anyone interested in the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance fairs, and European folk music. Go back in time to the dark ages of civilization with the lighthearted music of Potir. ~ Matthew Forss

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