Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: Brownout's 'Oozy'

Nat Geo Music

As a split personality with their other notable group, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout sets out to hit the road with a compelling, funkadelic mix of psychedelic grooves from the great state of Texas. The gritty and funky "Flaximus" cements their reputation for creating spacious riffs, horny accompaniment, and classic guitar work. The wholly instrumental tune contains some Latin percussion to keep it interesting. The funky "Stormy Weather" is a classy 70's-era vocal tune created in today's age. The rootsy, earthy sound is unsurpassed by comparable artists of today. The Latin-titled "Andy Y Dando" is a funky, horn-driven delicacy with booming bass and crunchy guitars with some vocals to match. The remaining songs contain quirky electronic embellishments that bridge the gap between the worlds of funk, roots, psychedelic, soul, Latin, and jazz. The result is a groove-laden adventure with fun for the whole family. When the lights go out, Brownout will brighten your day. ~ Matthew Forss 

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