Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: Gadjo's 'Gadjistan Zizany'

Gadjistan Zizany

The Barcelona-based group, Gadjo, is a dynamic musical experience incorporating a number of instruments, styles, and origins extending across the Mediterranean, Spain, and Eastern Europe. The Balkan influence is highly-present, as well as a bit of polka, ska, cumbia, Latin, dance, and swing music. The party-like atmosphere created by a cacophony of instruments and vocals is rather structured, but it creates the impression it is more improvisational than it really is. The quirky horns, rousing percussion, lively vocals, and groovy tunes traverse the world's traditions in one place. The playful styles and sounds do not get boring and they are contemporary, but not electronic, in their approach. The witty "Two Left Feet" is a Balkan brass great with fun vocals and Khmer-esque, jazzy grooves that are more likely to come from Dengue Fever or Ersatzmusika, than a Balkan or Spanish group. Still, the fifteen songs are diverse, energetic, and playful throughout. Grab Gadjo's latest release for an hour of good times. ~ Matthew Forss

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