Friday, April 13, 2012

CD Review: Choban Elektrik's Self-Titled Release From The Balkans By Way Of Brooklyn

Choban Elektrik
Choban Elektrik

Choban Elektrik, which means 'electric shepherds,' is a rousing recording with Balkan gusto and instrumental tunes that are steeped in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, Greek, Armenian, and other styles. The use of Hammond organ, rhodes, electric guitar, accordion, piano, synth, bass, drums, kanjira, marimba, riqq, pandeiro, and violin, make Choban Elektrik stand out from the crowd, due to its folksy, psychedelic, and funky dance grooves that eloquently bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary. The rock guitar elements of "Moj Xhemile," represent an almost Saharan rock guitar arrangement--but this is not an African music recording. This only solidifies Choban Elektrik's uncanny ability to use different rhythms, styles, and instruments in their creative purposes for a meaningful and memorable result. Though, this is mostly an instrumental effort, Eva Salina Primack adds her vocal talents on "Moj Xhemile" and "Cobankat." This is a perfect album for fans of Balkan folk, rock, psych, and dance without all the brass that is typically associated with Balkan music. ~ Matthew Forss

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