Thursday, April 12, 2012

CD Review: Zita Swoon Group's 'Wait For Me'

Zita Swoon Group
Wait For Me

The Belgium-based world-beat group, Zita Swoon, is a cosmopolitan band representing a host of musical styles that cross the wide, Saharan expanse of North Africa and the Western European region of France, Belgium, and England. The engaging rhythms are showcased on a number of instruments, including drums, balafon, guitar, horns, various folk instruments. The wide-ranging vocals and incredible repertoire of Awa Deme, Mamadou Diabate Kibie, and the Paul Simon/Bob Dylan singing-leadership of Stef Kamil Carlens, produces a solid recording of memorable songs. The balafon and horns represent a West African and Ethiopian sound on the same album. The world music created by Zita Swoon Group is a form of fusion, but it almost works too good to be called fusion. Instead, the music is just great--no matter what you call it. ~ Matthew Forss

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