Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: Edzayawa's 'Projection One'

Projection One

The Ghanaian funk of the 1970's is captured brilliantly on Edzayawa's first and only LP. The newly release CD and LP versions showcase a heady, contemporary mix of funk 'n' roll music with a nice vocal range throughout. The eight long tracks incorporate rhythms and styles from Ghana and Togo, which infuse less rock elements than other regional music. However, Edzayawa knows how to kick in the beats with rousing percussion and groovy bass lines. The psychedelic elements of reverberating B3's and steady, but languid guitar stylings, signify a great range of musical enjoyment. Despite the few tracks, the music is top-notch and a vital release for any funk, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and West African guitar fans infatuated with 1970's Africa. Step back in time with our friends, Edzayawa! ~ Matthew Forss

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