Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CD Review: Various Artists' - 'Folk Album'

Various Artists
Folk Album
Sketis Music

Folk Album contains a dozen and-a-half tracks from several musicians across Russia, Yakutia, and even Japan that participated in the European Broadcasting Union folk festivals, EBU Christmas and Easter Projects, and other Radio Russia events. This recording features folk music, throat-singing, guttural vocals, classical elements, and some pop forms. The Moscow Balalaika Quartet, Sergey Starostin, Stepanida Borisova, The Trigon Group, The Hide-Hide Group, The Yat-Kha Group, Pavel Ukhanov, Zhili-Byli Group, and many others lend their musical talents to this great project. There are nearly fifty-five minutes of music to keep one occupied. Fans of Russian folk music and ethnic music will find joy in this exciting recording. Buy a piece of musical history today. Folk is where it's at! ~ Matthew Forss

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