Friday, April 27, 2012

CD Review: Lauren Edman's 'It's Always The Quiet One'

Lauren Edman
It's Always The Quiet One

The alternative pop and trip-hop ramblings of an innovative performer, Lauren Edman, bring us an excellent mix of quirky, electronic-driven songs that resemble some of the music in the trip-hop or alternative genres--with the likes of Tori Amos, The Cardigans, and Imogen Heap. However, Lauren makes the music her own by throwing in a mix of other instruments, including flutes, banjo, piano, percussion, and keyboard accompaniment for a more diverse sound. Lauren sings more than most alt-trip-hop musicians, which is not a negative. In fact, Lauren's vocals are pretty good throughout. The poetic, but upbeat "Sweet Girl" is a perfect caricature of a Cardigans repertoire. "Charge" is a more spacious trip-hop song with lush vocals and an electronic ambiance. "This Is It" is more alt-folk than trip-hop. "Wasting" contains a trip-hop beat that shimmers with electronic sounds from a range of sources. Lauren's style is reminiscent of Lolo, Endless Blue, and Portishead. As a former quiet one myself, I have no problem applauding this new release and sharing it with everyone I do and don't know. ~ Matthew Forss

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